1998 – 2004

zwischen stadt und land

Germany’s medium-sized cities lie between the city and the countryside. From 1998 to 2004, an artistic inventory of more than 30 places was created. The photographs unfold a panorama of everyday urban life in places that no one knows (except those who are at home there) and where no one wants to go (except those who are already there and call these sites home). These are cities with 20,000 to 120,000 inhabitants, where everyday life takes place between homes and pedestrian zones. The densification of space in the in-between cities is illuminated as well as the non-places within the cities: the urban wastelands, forgotten parks, blind spots and in-between spaces. The view is directed into the side streets of the pedestrian zones, behind the more or less significant sights from the glossy brochures of the tourist offices; to that which is so rarely seen because it is perfectly camouflaged: normality.

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