Model House

The role model house has a representative effect and demonstrates the “almanci being” in the outer form. The role models from the host country are easy to identify, since the role model house is derived from the idea of a house in Germany. The model house and its architectural design are planned on the basis of concrete memory images and ideas of Germany – in the case of the natural houses, these are rather diffuse childhood memories of Turkey – and are usually implemented in one piece without significant changes. Historical models or house forms hardly play a role. The house is determined by the imitation of remembered models of structural elements such as roof, facade, windows, balcony, winter garden, entrance area, canopy, plinth, garage or cellar. In terms of roof form, the gable roof is considered the most popular home roof form in Germany. It is also commonly used in returnee houses, along with the hipped roof with dormers, skylights and a built-out attic.

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