2005 – 2007

loi cho tu hanoi

“Loi Chao Tu Hanoi – Many greetings from Hanoi” approaches the dreams and life plans of Vietnamese, their everyday life and their difficulties artistically. As a result of the research, video portraits were created, which present different life plans of Vietnamese in Germany. They show a multifaceted picture of everyday life in the new homeland.
“Loi Chao Tu Hanoi – Many Greetings from Hanoi” expands the view of German society with a perspective from two peripheries: From the social fringe perspective of Vietnamese migrants in Germany and from the perspective of their relatives in Vietnam.

As a walk-through video installation on four projection screens, these portraits are intertwined and juxtaposed with images from Germany and Vietnam. The artistic means create a sensual and immediate impression of the complex situation of a lived cultural transfer in the middle of our society. Loi chao tu Hanoi shows the unknown cosmos next door and thus opens up the possibility of a positive redefinition of the term migration.

“Loi chao tu Hanoi” is an interdisciplinary project by Stefanie Bürkle in collaboration with the ethnologists Joana Breidenbach and Berit Petzsch, the sociologist Do Thi Hoang Lan the Southeast Asian scholar Do Thuy Tien and the documentary filmmaker Fariba Nilchian.

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